Community Conversations: Navigating Childhood with Bleeding Disorders

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Join us on Thursday, March 21 at 7 PM for a webinar focusing on guiding your child through the early years of life with a bleeding disorder with an emphasis on the mental health related aspects that come along with a new diagnosis.

Dr. Regina Legere-Buccellato, a Clinical Psychologist and mom of two sons with hemophilia, and Dr. Julia Golier, a psychiatrist and mom of two, including a son with hemophilia, will lead this session delving into practical strategies for managing the daily challenges associated with bleeding disorders. They will cover topics such as early diagnosis, treatment plans, fostering independence, and integrating safe play and education. Whether you’re new to the bleeding disorder community or looking to deepen your support network, this webinar will provide you with valuable resources, peer support, and the confidence to empower your child at every stage of their development.

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