Did you know that if you or someone you know has a bleeding disorder, scholarships are available?


We’ll update this page periodically to assist families with ways to pay for education.

Generation IX Program (Aptevo Theraputics)

The B More Scholarship is open to anyone with a diagnosis of Hemophilia B and is pursuing a degree or certification after graduation from High School, even if you’ve been out of school for a while.  Awards of up to $2000 are made to help qualified applicants with financing their education.

If you are interested, consider applying for the B More Scholarship, or forward this message along to someone you know with Hemophilia B who is planning to attend school this fall.  Now is the time to start the application process to be eligible for consideration for this year’s awards.  Application deadline is April 28, 2022.

You can learn more at www.BMoreScholarship.com or login to start an application using the program key Medexus at the following link: https://aim.applyists.net

Generation IX Program (Aptevo Theraputics)

The Generation IX Experience launched in 2014 as the first national mentorship program for young people living with hemophilia B. Young adult mentors will participate in a cutting edge leadership training before guiding teens through a powerful week full of challenges and fun in a stately camp facility outside of Portland, Oregon.

TEENS Ages 14-17

The Generation IX Project was designed for you. You’re looking for the next adventure, the next challenge. You’re craving an experience beyond the classroom and the routine. There are others like you, teens and young adults that will band together to learn how to do more, learn more, experience more, and be more than they thought possible. This is your chance to do something profoundly different from the everyday.


The Generation IX Project cannot happen without you. This is your opportunity to escape the norms of the everyday, and pursue a challenge that will change the face of leadership in the hemophilia B community. The Generation IX Project is a call to action for young adults that live with hemophilia B who want to put their skills to the test in an immersive mentorship program. You will travel to a camp facility tucked into a temperate rainforest just outside of Portland, Oregon. There, you will meet your Instructor Team, a group of leadership and team building professionals with years of experience in the outdoor education field and the bleeding disorder

community. They will guide you through several days of experiential training in interpersonal skill development, finding your personal leadership style, and group dynamics as you learn and live with a group of other motivated mentors. This is all preparation for when you help deliver a challenging and meaningful residential program for a group of teens.

Click here for application.
Please contact Kim Phelan at The Coalition for Hemophilia B (917) 582-9077 for questions.

Educational Scholarship Program of the Hemophilia Association of New York

The Educational Scholarship Program of the Hemophilia Association of New York (HANY) is offering scholarships of up to $7,000 for qualifying full-time study (Fall semester) at an accredited college, university, graduate school, or certified trade or vocational school for the coming school year.

Scholarships are available to persons with inherited genetic bleeding disorders (as diagnosed by a board-certified hematologist) and their children. Considerations will also be given to females who are carriers attested to by a board-certified hematologist.
Applicants must live within the fourteen counties of southeastern New York (the five boros of New York City, Long Island, Dutchess, Orange, Putnam, Rockland, Sullivan, Ulster and Westchester counties) served by HANY. Application and all documents must be received by deadline. Incomplete application will not be processed.

Click here for application.

Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship Fund

The Lawrence Madeiros Scholarship Fund was formed to provide awareness of chronic disorders to the public and to stimulate, foster, and encourage interest, awareness and activism at the state and national level with reference to the fight against chronic disorders.  In furtherance of these purposes, the not for profit will provide scholarships to High School Seniors living with a chronic disorder and continuing their education at a college or university.  To date we have donated $82,000 in scholarship monies.
Student with an inherited bleeding disorder or other chronic disorder attending an accredited college or university

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B More Scholarship (Aptevo Therapeutics)


You’re doing remarkable things, and there are many more you want to do. Whatever they are, the Aptevo B More Scholarship is designed to help.

  • Recipients receive a scholarship to use toward tuition, books or equipment for any type of post-high school education.
  • Scholarships cover undergraduate, graduate, doctoral, trade schools, and certifications in the United States. Enrollment can be part time or full time.
  • Scholarships are awarded based on a number of criteria.
  • There is no age limit.

Click here for application.

HFA Educational Scholarship

Each year, HFA awards scholarships to promising students in the bleeding disorders community. We offer 4 scholarships of $2,000-$4,000 in three categories. Continue reading below for a breakdown of each scholarship.

  • Educational Scholarship
  • Parent/Sibling/Child Educational Scholarship
  • Medical/Healthcare Services Educational Scholarship

All recipients are invited to reapply in subsequent years for renewal as long as they are in good academic standing. This renewal will not be automatic, as each year’s applicants will be independently weighed.

Click here for application.

HANDI/NHF Kevin Child Scholarship

This scholarship was established in honor of Kevin Child, an exceptional young man with hemophilia who had passed away just a few days short of his college graduation. In honor of Kevin’s legacy, the Child family has continued to provide this scholarship in the hopes that it will offer some assistance to other students striving to acquire a higher education. Award amount: $1,000.

Applicants must have hemophilia A or B, and be a high school senior with aspirations of attending an institute of higher education (college, university or vocational-technical school) or a college student already pursuing a post-secondary education. As part of the application, all candidates will need to provide a personal essay, a letter of recommendation and an official school transcript.

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Financial Resources for Nursing Students

In the U.S., we are projected to experience a shortage of nurses that will only be compounded by the aging Baby Boomer generation. Such a deficiency would negatively impact our society at large, but would most acutely be felt by already vulnerable populations. In order to help alleviate its effects, it’s more important than ever to encourage individuals to pursue careers in nursing and fill these job vacancies.

However, skyrocketing tuition costs deter individuals from pursuing this lucrative field – as well as contribute to the racial disparity in higher education. In an effort to make the nursing field more accessible and equitable, Nursing.org researched a pair of financial aid guides for current and prospective nurses. One is specifically geared towards students of minority backgrounds and includes scholarship opportunities for groups under this umbrella:

Financial Aid Guide for Nurses: https://www.nursing.org/resources/financial-aid/

Financial Aid Guide for Minority Students: https://www.nursing.org/resources/financial-aid-for-minority-students/

ZipRecruiter Scholarship

ZipRecruiter is offering a $3,000 scholarship to the winning college or university student with the most creative entry in our Winter/Spring 2018 Scholarship Promotion. The Grand Prize Winner each semester will receive the $3,000 scholarship.

At the conclusion of the specific Entry Period for each biannually Promotion, you must (i) be a legal resident of one of the fifty (50) United States or the District of Columbia, (ii) be 18 years of age or older (or at least the age of majority in your jurisdiction of residence), and (iii) be enrolled as a student at an accredited high school, college or university in the United States. Student must be 18+ years old and enrolled in classes by deadline date. Students must complete a 500-800 word essay that addresses both prompts. Prompts: Describe a job you previously held – or hold. Describe your ideal post-graduate job


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Eric Delson Memorial Scholarship (CVS Specialty Pharmacy)

The Eric Delson Memorial Scholarship was established in 1993 in honor of Eric Delson, former Vice President of Marketing and Clinical Services. As a person with hemophilia, Eric did not allow challenges to deter him from any goals he set out to achieve. Although limitations were well-known to Eric, these same limitations were the fuel that drove him to enhance the lives of others who were living with hemophilia. Through his example of leadership, commitment, determination and compassion, Eric’s positive influence touched many who had the privilege of knowing him and others who did not.

The Eric Delson Memorial Scholarship is intended for college, vocational or private school students that are clinically diagnosed with hemophilia or von Willebrand disease. Three renewable $2,500 scholarships are awarded each year for new or current college or vocational-technical school students, and one renewable $1,500 scholarship is awarded to a student attending private school, grades 7-12.

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Millie Gonzalez Memorial Scholarship BioMatrix Specialty Pharmacy)

Millie Gonzalez (1953-2001) was a devoted wife and mother as well as a pioneer dedicated to advocacy. Millie promoted awareness of the unique struggles faced by women with a bleeding disorder and those caring for an individual affected by a bleeding disorder. She was married to Papo Gonzalez, a person with hemophilia and well known advocate in his own right, who passed prior to Millie. She was a tireless advocate not only for women, but also for people of Hispanic heritage affected with bleeding disorders. Although loving, compassionate and gentle, Millie had the heart of a tiger and fought each day for her own survival while inspiring others to achieve and succeed.

Scholarship for women diagnosed with hemophilia or von Willebrand Disease who are entering or attending a college, university, trade or technical school full-time. Minimum grade point average of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale during entire senior year of high school or current year of college or graduate school. Must be U.S. resident. Must provide medical verification of bleeding disorder.

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