New York City Hemophilia Chapter would like to dedicate this page in honor of those who’ve passed away in the bleeding disorders community. This page is where we will include information and anecdotes from loved ones. Please consider sharing your own memories by filling out the form below. We will update this page periodically.

David Tirado lll
(Little DJ)

(1978 – 1993)



My son was the most lovable, caring, and happy son, brother, uncle, grandson, nephew & cousin. He brought life into a room with his smile and positive attitude, he loved his family so much especially his little lady, his niece Chelsea. Being able to see her born and spend her first year with her brought him so much joy. We all love and miss him. He will always live in our hearts. My pain over losing him became part of my life.

Iris Tirado

He was the greatest dad!

Blanca Ramirez

Silvestre Benavidez

(1936 – 2007)

Scott Joseph Rutkowsky

(1969 – 2004)

Scott was the most amazing son, brother, father, husband and friend anyone could have. He always made us laugh and never let his illness effect how he treated others. He is my brother and he is my hero.

Jill Rutkowsky

A smart, funny, adored, loving father, son, brother and friend to all who is missed every second of the day.

Victoria and Joseph Rutkowsky

He was the best caring person and the most loving brother.

Blanca Ramirez

Marcos R . Benavides

(1968 – 2012)

Steven Riesenfeld

(1946 – 1992)

Steven Riesenfeld, father of Lisa Schoenfeld, and grandfather of Max and Eli Schoenfeld, died at the young age of 42. He lived a life of suffering through bleeds, although he was not able to play sports or even ride a bike. Due to the treatment back then, his life was comprised. In the late 1990’s, Steven died from “bad blood.” He never had the chance to meet my wonderful husband and family, The Schoenfeld’s, and my amazing twins sons, Eli and Max, his living legacies.

Lisa Schoenfeld

Loving Grandfather of Brad and Lisa Schoenfeld and Great Grandfather of Max and Eli Schoenfeld.

Ellen Schoenfeld

Jerome Greenberg

(1920 – 2016)

John Indence

(1964 – 2016)

John was responsible for all marketing, communications, public relations and branding strategies for the National Hemophilia Foundation (NHF). He will be missed.

Jeri Krassner

He was the best caring person and the most loving brother.

Blanca Ramirez

Marcos R . Benavides

(1968 – 2012)

Matthew Stinger

(1983 – 2016)

Matthew was a genuine and warm individual and he is well missed by myself and scores of others.

Timothy DeRome Petties

Matthew was a kind, giving, fun loving and an unforgettable human being. He cared dearly for everyone. He lived his life to the fullest and encouraged many to do the same.

Jay Cantor

Melissa was a devoted, loving and generous mother, daughter, wife, and friend. She had so much life to give to the world. I never saw in person, someone who fought for everything they believed in. She didn’t do these things for herself, but for the people who didnt have a voice. She was truly a special person that was taken too soon from this earth. She was a fierce advocate for school children in New Haven and deeply involved in hemophilia community.

Jeri Krassner

Melissa passed away from a seizure, November 23 the day after having fun with the NY Hemophilia family at the education day.She was the dynamic mother of Paulie ,age 3, who has Hemophilia A. Melissa strived to learn everything about Hemophilia, educated others about it, and brought awareness of it to all in her hometown of New Haven, CT. She is loved and missed by all who met her.

Angela Wilkerson

Melissa Dawkins-Doumbia

(1985 – 2015)

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