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After a 5-year hiatus, we are thrilled to welcome the Schoeny Crew back to our Unite for Bleeding Disorders Walk!

The Schoenfeld family found it easy to return in 2023, as Queens, after all, was their backyard for so long before moving to Manhattan a few years ago. While Brad and Lisa have led their Walk team for years; this year, they are passing the baton to their boys, Max and Eli, both 15-year-old sophomores in high school who have hemophilia b.

Passing the baton to them turns out to be pun intended, as Eli has taken up track for the first time this year, participating on his varsity school team. While Eli has made the introduction to a sport he has found to love, his brother Max has had a feverish passion for baseball, seemingly since the day he was born.

Max has been playing and training for baseball year-round since he was 7. His primary position is pitcher, and his high school career got off to a strong start making varsity as a freshman and gaining all-league honors. He then continued his strong season over the summer by joining a travel team and playing in showcase tournaments. After which, his offseason training included a combination of baseball clinics and individualized strength and conditioning with a private coach.

While at a Mets game last year, Max noticed a home run counter for the season with an annual sponsor that makes a donation to charity for each home run hit. This gave him an idea. “I thought it could be fun to set up my own campaign relating to how many strikeouts I can record, and donate the money I raise back to the bleeding disorders community,” Max said. “Anyone can make a pledge. It’s easy; it can be a quarter, a dollar, whatever amount you choose. The pressure is all on me to deliver.” All of the money will then be donated to their Walk team, the Schoeny Crew.

Last year, Max logged close to 100 strikeouts. We are excited to see how many he can record this year. Follow Max’s journey this season, and make a pledge at:


At the chapter, like many organizations, we recognize how difficult it can be going back to friends and family with the same ask for donations year over year. This is just one of many fun and unique ways walk teams in our community are trying to break that routine. Creative fundraisers like this help get friends and family excited to not only donate, but to really feel a close connection to their pledge and the cause that it serves.

Want help thinking about creative ways to fundraise? Looking for ways to add more members to your team? Contact NYCHC’s Walk Team Specialist, Kelsey Cunningham via call or text at (917) 722-3887, or email [email protected].

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