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NYCHC Announces Our First Ever
VWD Retreat in New York City!


New York City Hemophilia Chapter’s first ever VWD Retreat will take place starting February 19 at 7pm and ending Saturday, February 20 at 3:30pm at the Marriott Courtyard Central Park in New York City. This event is made possible through a generous grant from Octapharma.
This event is intended for individuals with VWD (Von Willebrand Disease). If this does not describe you or a member of your family, please feel free to share this with anyone you know who may be affected.
The program will feature opportunities to:
  • Meet other community members affected by VWD 
  • Participate in discussions with local treatment center clinicians and other experts 
  • Learn strategies for dealing with the day to day challenges of living with VWD 
  • Share thoughts, experiences and ideas for strengthening this community
There is no cost for this event which includes meals and an overnight stay at the hotel. However, advance registration by February 1 is required (see link below). In addition, please understand that this program is intended for individuals from the greater New York area who are affected by VWD (including parents or guardians of an affected child) and significant others. NYCHC reserves the right to deny participation to those who do not meet these criteria.
Ifyou have difficulty registering or need more information, please contact Jeri Krassner at jeri.krassner@nyhemophilia.org  or call NYCHC at (212) 382-2974.


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