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The bill mandating coverage for outpatient clotting factor under the state’s Child Health Plus program has just passed in the New York State Assembly. It’s now in the Finance Committee of the Senate and we need your help to get it to the floor and passed. PLEASE take a few minutes right now to call your Senator and ask them to do the right thing!


Find your Senator’s contact information by clicking here:
(If you see that your State Senator is a member of the Finance Committee or a leader in the Senate, your call is of particular importance.)

Then call them with this simple message:

  • Please pass S2186a and fix a gap in Child Health Plus for children with bleeding disorders.
  • Passing S2186a now will provide these children with better care at less cost to the state than current CHP coverage.
  • These children need clotting factor to stay healthy.  Taking factor at home is standard care because it’s faster, and less expensive than going to a hospital. 
  • At home factor is covered now by Medicaid, private insurance, and CHP in every other state.
  • Under the ACA more children may need CHP.  CHP only covers their medicine if the child goes to a hospital, and some children may need treatment more than 100 times a year.
  • The Assembly has passed their version of the bill. We need the Senate to pass it now!
  • Thank you!

If you have time, please also consider calling the Senate leadership with the same message. They include:

Senator Dean Skelos at (518) 455-3171
Senator Jeffrey Klein at (518) 455-3595
Senator Tom Libous at (518) 455-2677
Any member of the Finance Committee (click here for list)

This is a critical time for this important legislation that will help ensure that ALL children with bleeding disorders in New York State have access to the care they need. Thank you in advance for taking the time to make these important phone calls.

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