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The bill mandating coverage for outpatient clotting factor under the state’s Child Health Plus program, which passed in the New York State Legislature in June with broad bipartisan support, is now on Governor Cuomo’s desk. We need your help to get it signed into law.  PLEASE take a few minutes right now to write to Governor Cuomo and ask him to sign the bill.

Here is suggested language:

Dear Governor Cuomo,

As a member of a family affected by a bleeding disorder, I encourage you to sign A0962a into law. This bill passed both houses of the Legislature unanimously with broad support. Passing this bill into law will enable children with bleeding disorders in New York State who are on Child Health Plus to have the same access to their critically needed medication as children who are on Medicaid and private insurance. This law simply addresses a specific gap in CHP coverage.

Thank you for helping our families!

You can send your message using a special contact form found by CLICKING HERE.
This is a critical time for this important legislation that will help ensure that ALL children with bleeding disorders in New York State have access to the care they need. 

Thank you in advance for taking the time to send this critical message.

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