Brandon GreeneMarketing and Communications Manager

Brandon Greene began working for our chapter and the New England Hemophilia Association in July of 2019. Brandon graduated from Providence College in Rhode Island, where he studied business, political science, and economics.

Brandon’s recent work creating written and digital content for a political campaign will help him in his work at NYCHC, as will the experience he gained from creating and moderating the candidate’s social media accounts and website; and from interacting with constituents within his district.

Brandon is a proven leader and has successfully brought about change in his community. He created and ran a community organization focusing on ending bullying and promoting positive behavior in schools around the country. Brandon’s success as a leader in his community was recognized by President Obama before Brandon was honored at the first ever White House Conference on Bullying Prevention and Intervention. Since then, Brandon has spent the past decade traveling around the country to tell young people how they too can bring about change in their communities and make a difference.

Brandon currently working for both the New York City Hemophilia Chapter and the New England Hemophilia Association (NEHA), as the first shared employee between chapters in the bleeding disorders community.

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