Bleeding Disorders Scavenger Hunt

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We are launching our Bleeding Disorders Scavenger Hunt! This is a virtual competition designed to demonstrate your knowledge of bleeding disorders and provide opportunities to connect our rare disease community in exciting new ways.

By joining the hunt, you are helping to raise awareness about the global impact of bleeding disorders and connecting to a community with shared experiences. Each month we will release a new set of missions to challenge your knowledge, demonstrate your expertise, and creatively connect with others living with bleeding disorders.


Every month a $100 Amazon Gift Card will be awarded to the top team or individual for scoring the most points. A winner will be chosen at the end of each month.

How To Join

  1. Complete the registration link here:
  2. Download the GooseChase App on your phone by clicking here.
  3. Enter the Game Code: X371j7

This is a family friendly challenge created for all ages.  Feel free to register multiple people in your house hold to increase your odds of winning the monthly prize.

Register Here

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