NYCHC 10th Annual Hemophilia Walk Hashtags

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Our 10th annual hemophilia walk will be kicking off in less than 10 hours and we couldn’t be more excited!  We are so proud of everyone that has participated both in raising money, but also planning and executing the walk itself.

In an effort to provide information and pictures etc. from the walk today, we have created several hashtags that you can use when posting pictures or posts/tweets etc.  Hashtags are primarily used on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.  When tweeting pics or information related to the walk, please use one or all of the following hashtags:
  • #NYC10thHemoWalk
  • #NYCHCHemoWalk2015
  • #HemophiliaWalk2015
After the walk, we will compile many of the tweets and provide a cumulative list of things which were posted by all of you.
We will also be live tweeting during the walk.  Find us on Twitter under the hashtag #NYC10thHemoWalk.
We look forward to seeing everyone at the walk!

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