So, what would you expect from an Innovation Boot Camp Meeting?

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On January 23rd NYCHC invited people of all ages from the bleeding disorders community to join us in looking at the ways we solve problems. Lead by a team of designers who look at real-world situations and use design thinking to address them. Community member, Eliot Weinstein, shares his take on the Innovation Bootcamp.

By Eliot Weinstein

How do you express yourself in 1 word, or a symbolic icon, and communicate its message to others?

How could a pair of worn, running shoes, tear a loving family apart? How do you repair this relationship and how does it relate to you?

Well, it starts with listening, and empathy and evolves through self-exploration, creative interpretation and abstract execution. Your tools of expression included colorful pipe cleaners, paper, markers and your imagination.

Sounds kind of crazy. Well, yes it was.

I was impressed to see the abstract and creative thinking of all ages. The young kids demonstrated highly sophisticated thinking well beyond their years and most of the adults were very expressive and eager to release their inner child. Everyone got to let go and have some fun.

Turns out the Bootcamp was a total communication, mind exploration, self-awareness funfest!

Truth be told, the only thing I was hoping for, was to get a slice of pizza, bonding with some old friends and perhaps making some new ones.  I got that and a whole lot more.

Missed the workshop? Check out the video below!

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