Clotting Factor Bill Passes in Assembly! We Need Your Help with the Senate!

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The bill mandating coverage for outpatient clotting factor under Child Health Plus has just passed in the Assembly. It’s now in the rules committee of the Senate and we need your help to get it to the floor and passed. PLEASE take a few minutes right now to call your Senator and ask them to do the right thing!


Find your Senator’s contact information by clicking here:


Then call them with this simple message:

Hello my name is ______ . We are New Yorkers affected by bleeding disorders. I want to strongly urge Senator ______ to help bring S.3865-A  to a floor vote and pass it so that Child Health Plus will cover the treatment that children with hemophilia need.

This is a critical moment for the bleeding disorders community in New York State. Please help us by getting to a phone and making these calls RIGHT NOW!
Thank you in advance for speaking out on behalf of New Yorkers affected by bleeding disorders and for your ongoing support of NYCHC.

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