A Great Day In Brooklyn!

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New York City Hemophilia Chapter’s Guinness World Records® Official Attempt (Largest Self-Care Lesson), held at the New York Marriott at the Brooklyn Bridge, was an amazing event. Despite not reaching the number of people required to establish the record (next year!!), some incredible things took place. Here are a few highlights:

  • We raised more than $1,000 in cash contributions for the Nepal Earthquake Relief Fund of Save One Life, Inc.. This will be matched with another $1,000 from NYCHC, which will go a long way towards helping the bleeding disorders community in Nepal and helping Save One Life reach their $10,000 goal.
  • Attendees enjoyed an excellent and engaging infusion lesson led by Hope Woodcock-Ross, RN of BDRN, including the opportunity to practice accessing a vein using Bayer HealthCare’s BayCuffSelf-Infusion Training System. Participants included not only individuals with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders, but also siblings, grandparents, friends, and others – many of whom had never attempted to do an infusion before!
  • Seasoned infusers gathered for a post-event “infusion party,” sharing techniques, best practices and camaraderie.


Thank you to all of the participants who stayed indoors with us on such a beautiful sunny day to make it all happen. The event was also made possible by an incredible group of volunteers including many community members, nurses, company reps, and old and new friends from outside the community. Thank you all!

Special thanks to our exhibitors who provided the funding that allowed us to put on the event on very short notice:



Affinity Biotech
CVS Caremark
Emergent Biosolutions
Novo Nordisk

Special thanks also to donors of supplies including , BayerBDRN and Accredo.

A special thank you to Rose Bender who not only volunteered to assist with teaching infusion but provided the inspiration for the entire event.





We will post more photos and videos of the event as they become available. In the meantime, don’t forget that the 10th NYC Hemophilia Walk is in just a few weeks! Our goal is 2,000 walkers and $300,000 raised for education, advocacy and research. Start a team, join a team, raise money, or just walk. Click below to learn more and register.

10th Annual NYC Hemophilia Walk

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