As the Spanish-speaking population of NYC grows, so does the Spanish-speaking bleeding disorders community. NYCHC has established a Latino Outreach Committee that works to address the needs of the Spanish-speaking bleeding disorders community through events, education, and a support network.

Bilingual Events

In June, we held a Latino Picnic in the Park, and the Latino outreach committee sponsored a bilingual Back to School Event on August 28th. We presented information in both English and Spanish on how to help your child with a bleeding disorder transition successfully to school. Families learned about Individualized Education Plans, how to talk to school nurses and personnel, and how to take advantages of all the resources and rights available.

Recently, we held an event sponsored by Pfizer entitled Step It Up: Ser Más Activó con Hemophilia. The event presented ways to engage in physical activity while protecting against bleeds.

We will have two Spanish-speaking tracks at our 2016 Education Day and more events throughout 2017.

Contact us for more information about our Latino Outreach program or to learn how to get involved.

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