Marc PangilinanPrograms Manager

Although he was born with Severe Hemophilia A, Marc Pangilinan is fairly new to the bleeding
disorder community, having joined the NYC Hemophilia Chapter in late 2017. During a 3-month
solo backpacking trip throughout Southeast Asia earlier that year, he was able to connect with
the Hemophilia Advocates of the Philippines (HAP) and volunteered as one of inspirational
speakers and self-infusion trainers at their inaugural camp weekend. It was that life-changing
experience that made him want to be a positive contributor to the bleeding disorder community.

Professionally, Marc has nearly 10 years of experience in general business management,
specializing in strategic partnership development and project management.

As an avid international adventure traveler and obstacle racer, Marc hopes that his perspective
in regards to his bleeding disorder will help others systematically develop the emotional
resiliency and pragmatism to thrive and achieve new heights in their own lives.

He is deeply excited to formally join the NYC Hemophilia Chapter as one of the staff and looks
forward to the challenge of creating quality programming for the bleeding disorder community.

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