Regina Legere-Buccellato

2019 Advocate of the Year Award

The Advocate of the Year Award is awarded to the community member making the most meaningful contribution to our expanding advocacy efforts.

Regina’s Story: 

Dr. Regina Legere-Buccellato is a Clinical Psychologist in New York City. She has worked in several major hospitals and has over 20 years of clinical and professional experience in the mental health field. She currently has private psychotherapy practice with offices in Brooklyn and Queens.

Following her two sons’ diagnosis of severe Hemophilia A in the Fall of 2009, Regina became an active member of NYCHC. Since attending her first Hemophilia Walk in 2010, her family’s team, Buccellato Brothers, has consistently been among the top fundraising teams in New York City. She and her husband Salvatore were previously honored with NYCHC’s Award of Distinction in 2013.

Regina has been a tireless advocate on behalf of the bleeding disorders community ever since she joined our chapter. In addition to being a Board Member and Walk Team Captain, she has travelled to Albany and Washington D.C. to share her family’s story with lawmakers, and to advocate for better treatment options and expanding access to quality healthcare. Regina’s dedication to the bleeding disorders community has been unending. She is a vital member of our community and a champion for a healthier future.

Yasmin Pavri

2019 Susan Galligan Volunteer of the Year

The Susan Galligan Volunteer of the Year Award is given to the Chapter volunteer who has made the greatest impact on both the Chapter and the community.

Yasmin’s Story: 

Yasmin came to the United States in 2006 when her son Porus was only 2 years old. He had severe Hemophilia A and he soon after developed inhibitors. Yasmin got involved with NYCHC to better understand her son’s medical condition and to get advice about providing the best possible care for her son.

After receiving helpful tips and tools from NYCHC, Yasmin decided that she wanted to volunteer with the chapter in order to help other families who were in situations similar to hers. Yasmin says that she volunteers for NYCHC because, “the chapter did good for us, and we wanted to return the good back to the chapter.” This is exactly what she has done!

Yasmin has volunteered for NYCHC for the past eight years! She has been an active member of the Walk Committee, the Inhibitor Committee, and the Gala Committee. On being a Volunteer, Yasmin said, “I learned how to volunteer from my mother, who would go out of her way to help the elderly and needy in our community.” Yasmin’s goal is to continue volunteering as long as she can, just like her mother.

The Cirelli Family

2019 Award of Distinction Honoree

The Award of Distinction is the highest honor given by the Chapter. It is given to those who have dedicated their lives to the bleeding disorders community.

The Cirelli Family’s Story: 

Dino, Erin, John, and Nicholas Cirelli have spent over ten years making an impact in the bleeding disorders community. Dino is a controller for an aerospace manufacturer, Erin is a litigation attorney, John is a freshman in high school, and Nicholas is in the 6th grade.

The Cirelli Family became a part of the bleeding disorders community in 2007 when Nicholas was born and diagnosed with Severe Hemophilia A. After a trip to the operating room at one day old and a return to the hospital a week later for two blood transfusions, the Cirelli Family knew that they needed to learn all they could about hemophilia in order to keep Nicholas safe and to allow him to live an active life.

The Cirelli’s are receiving this Award of Distinction because they have helped the bleeding disorders community in many ways. They have successfully coordinated “Team Nicholas” for multiple Hemophilia Walks and have provided over $750,000 to advance medical research for the bleeding disorders community.

When not advocating on behalf of the bleeding disorders community, the Cirelli’s can be found cheering each other on at swim meets, baseball games, cross country meets, school plays, and debate team competitions.

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